It's a kind of magic

This is a try-out to partially recreate a picture I took 10 years ago, for Markus_Hediger's Experimental Photography Challenge with its theme of Magic Realism.
It's also a reference to the Whensday discussion in support of Cailleach, who definitely didn't deserve to get a 'talking-to' from BlipCentral when others posted Whensday Blips, even when she had already written that the Whensday Challenge was not allowed.

I think there are very few Blippers who have not Blipped old photos, and when these pictures originally were analogue it's obvious that they're new photos of old photos and so they won't have to break any rules anyway. I also doubt taking new photos of old photos, especially when they're family snapshots, is in anyway a violation of copyright.
But I can also understand how allowing a challenge full of 'old' photos could cause more people to think the 'only post a photo taken on that day' rule doesn't apply for them on any day, silly, but it happens all the time, and it could then happen more.

Anyway, the point is that everybody is responsible for their own posts and you can't blame Cailleach in this case for other people's posts, that is just blatantly unfair.  I don't have any actual old photos with me, as I'm on a holiday, thus my recreation of an old photo.

It's the pond in front of the holiday home that is ours for some time every year. Today there's wind creating ripples, but the idea remains the same, when you flip the image with reflection vertically it becomes a magic view into an upside down world framed by vegetation.

Thank you very much for the comments and stars for yesterday's Kelpies Blip ! My commenting will be even worse than usual while catching up with son no 1 and holidaying , so sorry for that ! Don't forget tomorrow it's the first Abstract Thursday of the new month and so there is no theme, you're free to create any kind of abstract image as long as you have fun doing it ! ;-)

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