Watching the world go by...

Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Paddington Station, London

“Brunel was deeply influenced by the design and construction of the Crystal Palace for the Great Exhibition of 1851, and this can be seen in his use of wrought iron and glass in the three-span roof at Paddington. At the time, this was the largest train shed roof in the world with a main span (102’ 6”) and two smaller ones to the north (70’) and south (68’).”

A much smoother journey east today, despite my first train of the day running late. Luckily my second train from Bath to Paddington was also running late so I didn’t miss my connection. A straight forward underground journey then took me to Kings Cross for a final train to Ely where the sun was shining and M was waiting for me. Door to door, the journey took 4 hours 50 mins, a new world record!

Arriving in Paddington, Brunel was relaxing in his armchair, admiring his creation, and watching the world go by...

(Catch up with you all tomorrow...)

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