We took a leisurely morning to get over yesterday when Andrew, Noriko and Kio came to take us off to the local shopping mall for lunch, the Japanese love shopping malls, twelve stories packed with shops and eateries, often more than one in each city. The place was very busy due to the public holiday but we managed to find some seats in the huge food court.

After lunch we took off for the Yokohama Museum of Art, a fine large building which includes a photography gallery. It is set in a large open square with fountains and water shallow enough for toddlers to have great fun splashing through. We didn't go into the current exhibition, Nude: Art from the Tate Collection but looked round the permanent exhibits.

Later after coffee in the mall we went up to the ninth floor to a sushi restaurant. The queue was very long, 40-50 people, as it is a very popular eating place in Yokohama. Luckily the queue moved, slowly, as tables, seats became available and eventually we reached the front and were ushered in. I like sushi and had quite a selection of different fish dishes including eel, which came on a long plate, and these two, sardines and salmon. All very nice, I even coped with the spot of wasabi on the salmon.

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