Fierce Creatures and Sunsets

It’s been a big day. We got up early to go to Gantheaume Point in search of fossilised dinosaur footprints. They can only be seen at low tide which was 7am today.
We didn’t know where to look and thought we would follow everyone else. Trouble was they all had the same idea. So there were 20 or 30 people scrambling over and wandering about the rocks without much idea of what we were looking for.
But eventually we found one which we were pretty certain was the real deal (extra1). I photographed my foot next to it for scale and was a bit taken aback to find mine wasn’t much smaller :-(

The main blip is a deadly blue ringed octopus which we saw there.

Then we set off for a day trip to Derby. It is the nearest town to Broome, 200km away with a population of 3,500. Fortunately it was a good sealed road and we found lots of interesting things to see including the museum, old goal, boab prison tree, a cattle watering trough (variously described as 140 and 120 mètres on the web so go figure but it was very long) and the U-shaped jetty at the port which has the highest tides in the Southern Hemisphere.

On the way back we almost ran over a large snake, 1.5-2 metres long. We did a U-turn and it turned around and came right up to the car. This (extra 2) was taken through the window before I put it up. It was bit disappointing to discover it seems to be a non-venomous Black headed python rather than as deadly as the octopus.

We got back in time to catch the sunset at Cable Beach again. I would never tire of looking at it. Didn’t mean to blip it again but can’t help myself. I’ll restrict it to two extras.

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