It makes a change from flowers!

The Tour de Yorkshire came through Hood Green at around 3pm this afternoon, and I'd decided that I wanted to capture a sense of movement from the cyclists.  Last year I’d gone for a fast shutter speed which resulted in frozen movement with the cyclists in mid pedal.  I knew I’d have lots of failures as I really don’t do this kind of photography.  But if you don’t take a risk you never learn.  I know I missed out on the panning with this one as it’s the movement of the cyclists that has created the blur, rather than any panning, but I did get one or two where the panning was just about OK (mainly when I was practicing on the motorcyclists.). My extra shows the moments after the man in the car was actually holding on to the cyclist who we think was injured.  Brian, who’d been further up the road, saw an ambulance stop for him.  It was good to see a few people from our camera club and there were several other people out with their cameras.

We had a message just before lunch time to say Glyn wants to start on the preparation for the new kitchen next Tuesday.  So it’s been all hands to packing boxes.  We were thinking we’d have another week before he wanted to start. 

p.s. I walked and my aching joints didn’t do too badly after my walk yesterday.  Probable around a three mile round trip, so not so too far to go.

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