By Missycat

FlowerFriday04_2018 Busy

The sunshine was with us again today and the garden is finally coming properly to life.  I just love the hardy geraniums (Dusky cranesbill)  featured here  and have blipped them a number of times.  They are also a favourite of the bees : I was delighted to see a couple of visitors to the flowers today and managed to get a few shots  of a very busy and rapidly moving pair.  I liked this shot because the colours of the geranium are reflected in the eye of the bee.
Today as usual is my day with Violet, my Alternative Flower.  After a morning of dressing up, Playdoh and 'helping' with the cleaning, we popped out with The Son for a walk around Connaught Water.  Armed with very suitable food (NO bread, just frozen peas and wild bird food) we did our circuit of the lake, trying to spread our supplies as fairly as possible..  My extra is the alternative flower herself, throwing a handful of bird food to the greedy waiting geese and ducks.  Possibly a bit  of a 'snapshot' but what I liked is that she is mid jump in this shot.  Hard to believe that two years ago, she couldn't yet walk.

 In other news, today being 4 May there is a bit of a thing for Star Wars fans.  Three years ago this was the theme for Mono Monday and this was my entry, featured the much missed Lilly, senior cat extraordinaire.

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