His Simple Rose

By HisSimpleRose

A Day Out With Shannon

Comically, Shannon doesn't actually appear on this collage of Blips, not purposely of course.
Me and Ellie took her out to Afflecks Palace to visit a milkshake retro cafe (Pinky's Diner) that I'd taken Shannon's sister Bethan to earlier in the year. As it's Halloween time, the cafe had bloody limbs, heads, bats and other dead looking items from the ceiling, and we had a wobbly plastic bloody knife hanging from out table (which Shannon seemed a little too happy about). Shannon and Ellie were admittedly felt a little on edge in Afflecks Palace, and when they read a notice at the cafe that the meals and drinks now included 'extra brains and rats', they wouldn't drink their milkshakes in fear of finding rats inside (as there were gummy brains on top of the whipped cream - Shannon wouldn't eat hers in fear that it was poisoned. Her brain tasted good ;)) I had a Coke with extremely large ice cubes (and then noticed on the bigger and clearer menu on our table that they served hot chocolates - denied!)
Ellie and I bought some jewellery (including polo earrings!), then we walked back to the car, spotting a building with a painting of a bird on a plant which was pretty, and the stairs on the side had something about them which me and Shannon liked.
Shannon's conclusion was that Bethan would like Afflecks Palace very much as she has gone pretty rocky with her look recently - a little like me. She enjoyed herself though which was good. Afterwards we all went home and filmed more of Parent Trap The Musical ;)

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