Robin Building a Nest

Spring has sprung and there is lots of bird activity in the yard these days. There are some visitors who are only passing through, who stop for a nibble. But there are also those who are here to stay.

A blue jay has been sitting on a nest in the prime bird real estate of the yard, which is to say the big lilac bush outside our bedroom window. And every morning, I witness squabbles among the other birds, mostly an assortment of catbirds and robins.

I had just walked around the yard and taken some pictures of all of my spring blooms, and was sitting on the porch reviewing my shots. When I suddenly saw what seemed like a huge bird on a branch at the edge of the yard.

As I zoomed in with my camera, I realized it was a robin, and she looked bigger than usual because of all of the stuff she had in her mouth! Yep, that's nesting material. We later discovered the nest itself in a bush beside the butterfly garden. It looked like a fine piece of workmanship, and a grand place to raise baby birds.

The soundtrack song has to be about building, so here are the Foundations, with Build Me Up, Buttercup.

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