Eagle Pond

Well it's been an interesting 24 hours! Yesterday evening Rog and Anne treated us to a yummy meal at Legals Seafood Restaurant on the waterfront in Boston. The view from the windows was quite something and was then made more exciting by a terrific lightning storm which apparently caused serious damage down on Cape Cod. The rain came down on the drive home which was pretty scary! Then all the travel arrangements were thrown up in the air by the continued transport issues on the northeast corridor. At one point we thought we would be flying out of Boston but that would not have been till next Tuesday. We now have a shuttle booked from New Haven straight to the airport to avoid the Penn Station problem, we just need to hear that the train tomorrow is going to run!

So today after the headache of ringing airline and train company we blew out the cobwebs by taking a walk along the trails in Callahan State Park at the top of Anne and Rog's street. There was quite considerable storm damage in some places but it was good to be out in the fresh air for a couple of hours.

This is Eagle Pond which we passed on the trail home. Tonight we are on Halloween Duty whilst Anne and Rog take a swim.

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