Côte de Old Pool Bank from Côte de Cow and Calf

Could the day have been any better?

We both started with a ride over the Cow and Calf but I was the only one that made it through before they closed the last 25m!  Rich did a longer ride, with my shoulders playing up, and in the space of being 10minutes behind me, he had to take a dirt track around the edge of the finishing line on foot instead of making it through [not chuckling!]  It was a cool feeling heading up a barriered road with just a few people buzzing around as the event was getting set up.  

We then walked up with Little Dog to watch the women's race and had this fantastic rock-side pew, watching the big screen with anticipation, seeing them approach across the valley and enjoying the spectacle of a smashing crowd turnout.

Liz came over for the men's race and we left the dogs at home so we could get in closer without freaking them out.  Rich favoured this spot again while Liz and I stood at the bottom of the painted cow and calf (which did look rubbish from the air - shame!)  

What an atmosphere, what weather, what a day!

Home for fish pie and watching it all over again on the highlights.

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