By WharfedaleBex

By 'eck!

We were lucky - the riders less so!

We were up this morning to see the start of the women's race in Bridlington.  There were a fair few spectators there despite the rain, hail and cold gale. We found a parking spot fairly close, shelter on the way to avoid a passing downpour and sunshine when we needed it as we stood and watched. 

The riders looked cold and I can't imagine warmed up very quickly as they headed off into their first wet battering.  The headwind was ferocious too.  We were glad to be on foot and wrapped up, frankly!  (Little Dog had her coat on too.)

We then enjoyed a leisurely day with R&H watching the race and being fed brunch before heading off to watch the men's race on the way home. Lucky again as the hailstorm passed through before we got out of the car. This was the tail end of it.

It was great to see so many people determined to put on a good crowd for the passing riders.

Yorkshire spectators with grit!

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