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By Diane2104

White Wagtail??

Today we headed to RSPB Conway. Never been there before but it looked quite nice on the website. The weather was fabulous and we had a great wander around the site. Not a huge place, but when the tide is in, full of interest - Shelducks, Little White Egrets, noisy sedge warblers and whitethroat
My blip today was going to be a wheatear, and it would have been a fantastic shot, had a family not come along at the wrong time and scared them off :( 
So in an effort to increase my list of birds this year, you get this little chap who I think is a white wagtail. I'd heard that they were in the area and have spent some time googling images to see if it is indeed a white one and not the normal pied wagtails that we see quite often. And my conclusion is that I think it's too light for a pied wagtail, so am going for a white one...but please correct me if you think I am wrong. 

On the way home we dropped in at Loggerheads Country Park as someone told me there were often dippers around the river, but as soon as we got there it was obvious that we were not going to be in luck today. There were tons of people around and lots of children and dogs in the river. Nevertheless we spent a pleasant hour having a wander around. We should come back during the week I think - might have more success.

Roll on tomorrow - it's supposed to be another lovely day. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far.  

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