Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Tipping the white crown to # 28

My 28th species of yard bird to be blipped this year, and the sixth sparrow species - the White-crowned Sparrow.  These lovely sparrows are migratory in our area so the chances to see them are short and somewhat dependent on luck.  As it happens, I just happened to spot it in with a couple of white-throated sparrows foraging under one of the cherry trees.  I got exactly 3 shots before they all left.  One the east cost, these sparrow migrate to the arctic where they will construct simple nests on tundra.  

Flossie the chipmunk has been zipping around the patio for much of the day, sometimes accompanied by one of her youngsters.  Not sure if the other one has met with an unfortunate end or if he/she has gone off to seek fame and fortune in the woods.  Flossie is zealously guarding the patio, no small job with all the chipmunks that are out and about now.  She sits on the edge of my tallest planter and chips loudly, and then leaps off to give chase if she spots an interloper.  Very amusing to watch.  

Would you believe, the bluebirds are still working on their nest?  The thing is going to be like Buckingham Palace by the time they are done.  

Went for a walk over at Kittatinny Valley State Park and saw my first Scarlet Tanager of the year - a female.  Having just seen so many tanagers in Texas, it was actually pretty easy to identify her.  Also the first Canada goslings of the year.  You'll probably be seeing a gosling blip very soon - who can resist those little yellow fluff-balls?

Off to shower and get the stench of mosquito/tick spray off of myself!


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