Bus Challenge No 141!

Ely Eel Day!!

“Ely Eel Day is an annual celebration observed by people from Ely, Cambridgeshire to celebrate the city's namesake — the eel. The celebrations start with a parade which begins from Cross Green outside Ely Cathedral and proceeds through the city to the Jubilee Gardens...

The celebrations following the parade include an eel throwing competition. The competition does not use real eels. Originally competitors were given socks rolled into some tights with rice in the end to weight it down but now the competition uses specially made toy eels. Other events on Eel Day include an annual competition for Town Criers.” Wikipedia

A day of nonstop blue skies and warm sunshine! And a fun morning in town, browsing the market before joining in with the Eel Day parade and festivities. The afternoon was spent helping M to prepare his vintage Citroen HY Van, which we’re taking to a Vintage Car Rally tomorrow, then a walk past sunlit fields to M’s local pub on the River Great Ouse to watch the boats go by. And to finish the day? A golden sunset...

Total bus journey time = 40 mins

(A few extras to tell the story of my day, including yet another one of Ely Cathedral which looked stunning against this morning’s blue sky. Not sure if I’ll find any WiFi tomorrow, so I’ll catch up with you all as soon as I can. In the meantime, thank you for your kind comments and stars, and sorry for getting behind with commenting...)

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