By flying

Bridge to bridge.....

Lovely morning down at the river, calm and warm, maybe too warm for the rowers about to do the Bridge to Bridge race. Racing against the clock rowing from Kaiapoi Bridge to Waimakariri Bridge and finishing at Kaiapoi Bridge, 10km, all competitors started out strong. It was these two girls who caught my eye.....exhausted and nearing the end they kept it together working in unison until they crossed the finishing line, they're members of the local club who were hosting this annual event.

And there was a buzz down at the river, people all ages finding a spot on the bridge to watch, others walking down by the riverside, some with takeaway coffee while others were walking their dogs, all cheered as they took off and clapped on their return, it was great to see the river 'come alive' perhaps there'll be more events like this in time.

Meanwhile I was trying to find the right spot, bit of a challenge as I wasn't sure of the 'ins and outs' of the event but I got there, there's a couple of extras - my second extra are four rowers who have only been rowing for four months, I loved their enthusiasm at the end.

Feeling so chuffed, thank you for all the hearts, stars and kind words for yesterday's astrantia flower, I'm delighted you all enjoyed it, I think it may've hit the popular page :)

Happy Sunday everyone :) 

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