By Hillyblips


Warbler  - warbling as they do. Just magic to listen to this Sedge warbler which was filling the whole area with song.

I  feel slightly angry that the people in charge of Coombe Hill NR have ruined it with their updating and ridiculous accessories to the canal. One case - they have cut down massive swathes of nettles and wild flora and fauna which the insects bred on and lived in, replacing the fabulous wildlife habitat with a low table in the shape of a dragonfly with benches for children presumably, who never go there. The damsels bred in that exact spot - hundreds of them and now they don't - just a handful! I think that speaks for itself. There are other questionable upgrades to this reserve and I find it worrying that they don't get what was going on here originally.  Total lack of understanding!! I am not on my own with this opinion either.

OK getting off my soapbox .......  

Difficult to ID but the song gave him away.

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