Legs of anticipation

Speaking of which, we're off to watch the highlights so I'd better be quick.

I've wanted to be a Tour Groupie for a few years now and last night, it came off.  I drove up to the top of Park Rash with Little Dog and my bike.  It was a great atmosphere with other campers already there and, luckily, we took pretty much the last spot and settled down for the night.

I opened the blind this morning to a blue sky view down Park Rash.  Can there be a better sleepover?!

Rich cycled up this morning and enjoyed glorious weather.  I was going to wait until after the race to do a quick slow down and up the hill before going home.  But, with plenty of time before the race, I decided to see if the anxiety of an audience would make my heart beat too fast to make it up the hill.  It was fabulous!  I could even speak!

It was lovely to spot Earthdreamer and Hopey at the top of the hill and have their company as the anticipation increased.  

What a hill.  
What a race.  
What Yorkshire pride I feel.

Now, must dash.

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