Covert ops for the crab spider with this small white in it's clutches. So well camouflaged, so discreet and so well hidden on the dandelion that any insect really wouldn't have stood a chance with her lurking.

A day of surprises in that I too was lurking on an isolated disused railway track  no-one in sight, trying to find my illusive Grizzled Skipper when a cheery, 'Hellooo Mrs Billinghurst!' wafted over the scrub and an arm brandishing a camera held aloft emerged in the distance!  JDO! We were both after the same butterfly, the Grizzly Skipper, whose emergence is short lived and she has blipped it beautifully if you follow the link. 

I, after having trekked a few miles from home to get the grizzly couldn't believe it when I saw the scenario here unfolded on the computer. It had to be my blip. Grizzly in an Extra - well who would have believed that?!

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