Diversion, no diversity

I'm not sure of the meaning of the graffiti on this sign. However, given that my work sometimes requires me to speak on the topics of equality, diversity and inclusion, I thought it might be worth recording it now for possible later use in a PowerPoint presentation.

In addition to daily radiotherapy, on Wednesdays each week I attend a second medical appointment at which my progress through the treatment programme is discussed. Today I took along to my consultation a little list of my current ailments to ask which of these are side-effects of the radiotherapy. It appears that the nausea and pain in the area which is being treated are to be expected. To the expert eye there is also a visible change in my skin where radiotherapy has been applied, but I can't see this at all (yet).

My sore throat, swollen tongue and thirst are not related to radiotherapy, other than I may be more susceptible to infection from others due to a lowered immunity caused by the various procedures to which my body has been subjected over the past few weeks. On this basis I blame Andrew for passing fragments of his cold on to me on 27th April

The rest of the day passed in a bit of a blur as I had two sets of visitors this afternoon for whom a degree of catering was required. I made soup for Bruce at lunchtime, then scones for Sally, Darcie and Jackson as our afternoon tea.

In between the two visits Bruce and I worked together on the marketing of our event on Wednesday 11th July. If you are interested in libraries - whether as a library user, or someone who works in a library/information service - and are within easy reach of Edinburgh on that date, please do register. It's free of charge.

Exercise today: walking (12,918 steps); bike ride along the Raeburn path.

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