Here and Now

By Mole

History Maker

Mr Mole at age 13, shaping the vision, making history, through coke-bottle glasses, with a full head of hair.  His team was undefeated that year. Eventually he went on to play football, soccer, and basketball with some teams leaving a trail of infamy, alongside Tookie’s baby bro and other lovable miscreants. I tried to blip (my) senior prom photo with him because I nearly had a stroke laughing several months ago when he produced the cancelled check for his tuxedo rental dated March 29, 1975 for $35.53. We’ll say no more about that...:)

I hope to jump back into WildWed next week if I can tame this wild mind.

Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed Mean Mary yesterday.  I plan a trip to the local historical society to see what I can dig up about her there.

Hope you all are doing well, creating your own visions for history. We’ve got several pairs of old glases here too if you need any....-:)

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