My Old Man

Today has been the best day of the week weather wise. We had a hailstorm when we'd stopped for coffee and a rainstorm at another time but apart from that it's been lovely despite a strong wind.

We returned to Trotternish to do the circuit. I stopped a little before the main parking place for the Old Man and climbed up a way to get the composition. With the crowds that turn up here each day there didn't seem much point in going up for the normal place and having to clone out loads of people. I quite like this image, it's 3 portrait shots stitched in Lightroom to produce this panorama and it coincided nicely with some sunshine on the scene.

We start our journey home tomorrow. I must thank you all for the comments, stars and hearts that you've left on my journal. Internet has been very difficult on Skye so I've been unable to do much in return  

I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here despite the poor weather for most of the trip. That's the Hebrides for you. I hope to be back before too long.

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