By GracieG

Brotherly Love

Yesterday was a rare treat, I spent a day with my brother N and sister-in-law B.  They live in the North East, so we tend to only get together at family occasions.  However, they have been spending a week’s holiday here in North Norfolk and we have very much enjoyed their company.
I’m sure N wouldn’t disagree with me when I say that we have led very different lives and in the past have had little in common (not that I loved him any the less because of that).  He is seven years older than me and left home when I was only twelve, when he moved North.
His main passion is music and in particular brass bands, and he is currently helping a brass band local to him who are struggling a little.  He also plays in brass band competitions and is able to play a number of different brass instruments as well as being able to play the piano, organ, and guitar (to name a few other instruments).  Me, on the other hand, didn’t try my hand at music and so can play absolutely nothing whatsoever.  I greatly admire his talent.
However, now that we are both retired we have a common interest, which is photography and so whilst B enjoyed watching the world go by at Blakeney and Wells-Next-the Sea, N and I went off together with our cameras.  We had a grand old time, discussing lenses, focal lengths, exposure values etc.  and had a thoroughly fab day, helped by stunning weather of course.

We even had a chuckle together when we realised that whilst we were in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, amidst stunning scenery, we found ourselves sitting on the side of a grassy bank photographing a broken fence (as you do!).
My main blip is of the clouds at Wells Beach, I’ve just bought a wide-angle lens and so thought I would give it a trip out and used it to take this shot.  The extra shows that not all beach hut owners have yet cleared the sand blown up by the ‘Beast in the East’ in early March. 

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