A Symphony of Color

I awoke to a tremendous thunderstorm, which cracked and boomed around our house, as it unleashed a torrent of rain. The timing was fine, though: it finished up just as I was getting into my car to head into town. On a whim, I ran by the Arboretum gardens to visit the tulips after rain.

The skies were blue-gray, that threatening bruise of a color that means a thunderstorm is coming or going. Fortunately for me, it was moving away, and I got to spend my 15 minutes in the gardens without needing my umbrella.

The tulip show has peaked this week, and it was still gorgeous on this day. More thunderstorms were expected later, and I was afraid they'd take the blooms. I did know this for certain: this would be my last trip to see them until the middle of next week, and by then they'll no longer be at peak. So I wanted to cherish every moment.

This is a picture of a favorite section of the tulip display not far from the Sundial. It boasts purple grape hyacinths, as well as pink and yellow tulips. The Arboretum folks do a great job. The bulbs are evenly spaced, and they bloom in a perfect symphony of shape and color, like a rainbow.

The song: the Rolling Stones, She's a Rainbow.

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