There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Welcome Home, Lady Greensleeves!

We spotted our first hummingbird more than a week ago. They usually show up around the end of April or early May where we live. But this day was the first chance that I got to sit out in the yard and hang out with the hummers. I took my camera along, of course, in spite of the drizzle that came and went all day.

First I saw one of the males, with a dark ruby throat. He visited quickly and left just as quickly. But then later in the morning, a female arrived, the one I call Lady Greensleeves. She sat on the feeder for a very long time, as it spun in the breeze, riding it as though it were a merry-go-round ride; looking this way and that, she was clearly pleased to be here.

Welcome home, Lady Greensleeves! We are so glad you are back!

The song: Bonnie Raitt, Feels Like Home.

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