A Fine Spring Day at Greenwood Furnace

It was cool and breezy and sunny, a perfectly lovely spring day. We had a nice lunch at Couch's in McAlevy's Fort - a pair of hot roast beef sandwich dinners - and then went hiking at Greenwood Furnace, a state park not far away.

Everything is green, green, green. The grass is high and the water is high. They have a lot to do to get the grounds ready for summer use. The swimming area opens next weekend, and there were already young people wading in the water.

I watched with glee as a bird with a spotty chest - a sandpiper, I think - ate bugs on the shore, did some naughty booty-shaking dance steps, and then flew away. That was a pretty awesome little bird show.

The photo above is a view of the swimming area, with reflections. The clouds were coming and going and doing odd things, and I thought it looked kind of strange. I could almost believe we were somewhere else, far away, Switzerland maybe. Somewhere else, not here. But then again, here is pretty nice too.  :-)

The soundtrack: the New Christy Minstrels, with Green, Green.

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