There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Start of a Brand New Bunny Tale

It happens every spring. We spot a few adult rabbits in the yard. Then come the cute little bunnies. They are all part of the Bunzini clan, who lived in these parts long before we arrived here.

A few weeks ago, we spotted a trio of bunnies in the yard, hopping around at each other, paws flying, like some sort of wild bunny dance-off. I knew right then that it wouldn't be long until we spotted our first tiny bun.

And now the good news is that we may have at least THREE baby bunnies in our yard. There is a really little one that I almost stepped on the other morning in the backyard. It was not even as big as a clump of grass. But it moved just in time. Boy, were we both startled!

There are two more little ones  in the front yard, in front of the azalea hedge. We have sort of been thinking of them as the Bobbsey Twins, though none of the bunnies have been officially named yet.

On this morning, one of the bunnies was moving around, nibbling on grass, and it was close enough to the window that I ran for my camera. This was my very first photo of the new generation of Bunzinis.

Welcome to the start of a brand new bunny tale!

The soundtrack song is this one: John Lennon, with (Just Like) Starting Over.

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