White Ranunculus

I made a trip to the Arboretum on this morning in my Mazda, and I did something new: I walked down the inviting little path behind the red elm, through the field and into the woods, and did a bit of exploring in the Hartley Wood property, which is contiguous to Sunset Park.

And then I went back to the Arboretum and walked all around, looking at flowers for an hour! The tulips are pretty much done for at this point. But you will be happy to hear that the peonies are doing swell, the allium are starting to open, and there are ranunculus in every shade!

I don't remember noticing them in prior years, but this year, the white ranunculus are just amazing. Above is a photo of two of them. It may look like swirls of icing on a wedding cake, but it's not. It's two perfect flowers, side by side!

My soundtrack song is this one: Billy Idol, with White Wedding.

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