There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Starring the Crittergators as Thelma & Louise

When the Crittergators heard about the Recreate Challenge on Blipfoto, we knew that we wanted to be part of it. So here is our tribute to the film Thelma & Louise, starring the Crittergators in the title roles. Look at them sailing over the Grand Canyon in the famous final scene!

An Alfa Romeo Spider is playing the part of their original 1966 blue Thunderbird. We needed the Grand Canyon for them to fly over, and we found it on the cover of the movie soundtrack CD, which sits just behind them. It's fitting that we do this tribute now, as the movie was released 30 years ago this month.

How do you make a car FLY? was our most complicated technical challenge. Well, we managed it via a system of fishing twine wrapped around the car wheels and attached to a pair of full water bottles located on either side of the CD. (Yes, our Thelma and Louise were both dumped out a time or two! But nobody's the worse for wear!)

The song to go with this image is this one, from the soundtrack of T&L: BB King, Better Not Look Down.

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