Backwoods Revival: Can I Get a Hallelujah?!? Amen!

Can I get a Hallelujah?
Can I get an Amen?

When we left our intrepid backpackers at nearly midnight, they were heading into their tents in the wilderness of Sproul State Forest, in central Pennsylvania. I had mentioned that I'd forgotten my fleece pants that I'd intended to sleep in. So here is a photo of me, fresh out of my tent in the morning, wearing my sleep shirt, my long underwear (so sexy!), and a fleece jacket.

I know it looks like there should be fire shooting out of my finger tips, or perhaps people standing in a line around me, waiting to be healed at a backwoods revival. But the truth is much simpler than that: this shot was taken as I raised my face, and my hands, to the rising sun!

I'd gotten to bed quite late, for backpackers, and (with a low of only 41 degrees F) had a very good night's sleep inside my tent. So I was feeling perky, and ready to roll. In short order, I had gotten everything out of my tent and placed it on a ground sheet, preparing to pack it up and walk out.

And so we did all of that, and then we headed for a pond we know not far away, which was larger than usual due to recent rains. It was chock full of newts, engaging in newt follies in the sunny shallows. We had enough time to sit there for about an hour before walking back to the car, tucking our gear in, and heading for home.

My soundtrack song for this image is this one: Maren Morris, with My Church. Can I get a Hallelujah? Can I get an Amen?!!!

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