Orchids in the Backyard

It was Mother's Day in the U.S., and my husband and I drove back home to visit my parents and an assortment of family who showed up for a cookout. The rainy weather wasn't so great, actually, for travel, but we were glad when the precipitation stopped for a few hours so we could have our cookout.

During a break in the afternoon's activities, I went out into the woods behind my parents' house and took some photos of the lady's slipper orchids that are blooming there - that have ALWAYS been blooming there, ever since I can remember. I read somewhere recently that they must grow in the same place for many years before they bloom. You may see six of them in the photo above. Yes, ORCHIDS, just growing in the wild!

Tiny Tiger made a strange request on this day. You may not know this, but he was taken from his own mother when he was very young (a thing that often happens, sadly, to tiger cubs), and he has never gotten over it. He misses his own mom something fierce. So he asked to come along and help wish my mom a happy Mother's Day. You may see Tiny Tiger and my mom (age 88) enjoying a tender moment together in the extra photos area.  :-)

This song is for my mother, Norma, the woman who birthed me and raised me: Rod Stewart and his daughter Ruby, with Forever Young.

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