Early Morning Crocuses

It seems a long time ago since I took this on the way up the Croix de Chaux (extra)! I leave for only 5 days tomorrow morning, to Bucharest. I have booked a little trip hoping to see some of the Transylvanian brown bears. As flight changes are tight, especially for the return, I have decided to travel with just hand baggage... 8kg, not easy with lenses you just can't go without. Sadly my camera is still not back even though it has left the factory repair shop, so thanks again to hibou for lending me her PEN for the trip. I am still fighting the technology that will update my mini iPad to use on the trip, it is 2 years since I used it, very frustrating. So please forgive my lack of comments tonight, still much to do. Planting beans will have to wait!

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