By Topsyturvy


The ear de-coking was disappointing - no change despite much gurgling and weird sensations. So Poppydog and I took a windy walk down at Eastside to admire the primroses among the stones (extra) and found this hardy campion on the kirkyard wall, adding a splash of much needed colour. It cheered me up, a little.

Back home, I finally got my books out and repertorised my symptoms. A call to the pharmacy and we'll see what happens. If all goes to plan then the face-pulling exercise I found on YouTube to drain eustachian tubes will have broken mirrors and warded off evil spirits, and the placebo effect of doing something will produce a marvellous cure ...

The day has been grey (mostly), with a strong and chilly wind. I backed out of golf this evening, deciding my earholes needed some tlc and instead I've made enough Stack and Whack blocks for a cushion cover so that Wednesday's workshop wasn't wasted. My conscience is now clear. I will never use this technique again.

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