By hjarald

3,8m under Sea-level

The Netherlands literally means ‘The Low Lands’ thus explaining the origin of my country. We gained land from the sea by building dykes, dykes and did I mention dykes?

Without them we would drown, or wouldn’t even exist. To measure heights most countries measure from sea level upwards, but we measure downwards.

NAP is short for New Amsterdam Level in dutch and is our equivalent for sea level and - knowing that now - you can see the art work on this Flyover reminds us the sign is already 12,5 feet under sea level!

It’s not even the lowest spot in Holland. We can find that at the town of Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel measuring 6,76 meter (22,18 feet) under NAP. There is a monument on the exact spot which you’ll find in the extra (courtesy of wikipedia)

Probably the reason why swimming lessons are mandatory in the primary school.

Note:. It’s not clouds you’ll see in the sky, but I added a water surface shot from below to give you a feeling instead :-)

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