By hjarald

My Hongkong Connection

When I joined the Blipfoto community in may 2012 I never expected it to be more than an online daily photo journal site.

I started to follow fellow 'Blippers' as we are called, and they followed me.
One of my first hour online friends is Sandy aka 'SweetArt' who also started blipping mid 2012.

She lives in Hongkong and posts glimpses of her environment, her eye candy cake business and her Pink Ribbon support efforts.
My first contact was on a Pink Challenge  comment in september 29th 2012, almost six years ago! Over the years I got to learn a lot about Hongkong and I’m pretty sure I will recognize many items / buildings if I would visit it now thanks to her daily posts.
I guess she can say the same about Holland ;-)

Through ones photo diary you really get to know each other despite the fact that we never met in person…. Till today.

She’s on a two day transit in amsterdam on her way to the UK, so we had a wonderful opportunity to meet in real life today

We were blessed with one of the warmest & sunniest days the Dutch summer has to offer, so we started with a nice lunch and a Dutch Heineken beer! Then we visited The Rijksmuseum - a mustsee whenever in Amsterdam - and concluded our Blipmeet on a nice terrace.

Follow this link to her photos of the occasion and see some rare shots of me too ;-)

Thanks for your company Sandy, it was so nice to meet you!
I’ll cherish your original Chinese ‘DelftBlue’ gift forever!

PS. I wanted to remember this meet&greet with a photo within the Rijksmuseum,  but forgot flashlight is not permitted in the museum. To make things even worse my accidentally set the exposure correction dail of my camera at minus 3, so my photo was really underexposed and needed quite some post processing to get a reasonable result (see both the ‘straight out of camera’ underexposed version and the revised color version in the extra photos)

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