EB of an ET

Today we had new beds delivered.  The problem was that Mrs W needed a electric adjustable bed so that she could sleep comfortably with her RA.  This meant that a double bed was not practical as muggings would wind up going up and down all night with Mrs W, and at our age . . .
So single beds it had to be – first time in forty seven years . . .
This meant relocating power points etc, and when it was found not practical to have the beds together it was a case of relocating power points all again.  And changing the beds around as the draws would have to go to the middle – etc – etc – ETC!!
So when it came to tea time it was a definite case of ordering a Chinese carry in ( there was no way I was going out for a carry out – we had it delivered!!).
Now looking forward to sleeping in front of a recording of ‘The Bridge’, then lying awake on our new beds – hay/hay ho!! . . .
An Emergency Blip of an Emergency Tea - will this do for Silly Saturday??
Thanks to Admirer for hosting Silly Saturday

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