Cheers ...

To Amsterdam! I noticed on the tourist map that there was an attraction called the ‘Heineken Experience’ and knew straight away that it was something I wanted to do. And thankfully some of my new friends (Julie and Evelyn) wanted to as well.

So on today’s agenda was Albert Cuyp markets and the Heineken tour. We really enjoyed the markets, and I came away with plenty ... as did my friends.

Then a quick lunch before heading to the Heineken factory. And it did not disappoint. I was eager because as a teenager, Heineken was the first alcohol drink I’d tried. And it really is one of the world’s most iconic bottles and logos. We enjoyed the tour very much and also got to drink plenty of beer along the way.

We were taught how to fill a glass “properly” and I even got to do a test and passed!!! Yay. Bottom of foam should be lined up with the arms of the star on the glass, just FYI! I’d already drank some from this glass, so the foam is not lined up here anymore :).

Julie had two personalised labels made to commemorate this conference in Amsterdam.

Then quickly back to the hotel as most of the group are leaving tonight.

The rest of us went out to a wonderful dinner in the city centre finishing off with a round of more delicious Dutch beer.

A very full and enjoyable last day in Amsterdam. Tomorrow, London and my babies. Can’t wait!!!

Last extra pic is a shopping mall near the Dam area. Probably the most beautiful shopping mall I’ve ever seen (from the outside)!

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