It had to be tulips!

With lots of extras.

The wives of the CFOs had a day of touring today which included a visit to the gardens at Keukenhof and a tablet (iPad) tour of Amsterdam.

There were six of us on the tour and we had a wonderful time together. One of them is a wife from HK but the others are from all over the world. I have made 5 new friends and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. The flower show was stupendous and we aawed and aahed the whole time. A few group photos were taken too. We were lucky to get in today as Keukenhof finishes on Saturday!

Back to the city to start our tablet tour which involved rescuing some sort of creature by collecting three crystals around Amsterdam and solving clues as you go along. Guess who got designated the navigator?!? Give me a map and I’m in heaven.

We did well in finding all the crystals and solving the clues by putting our heads together, and taking in wonderful sights along the way. Great fun indeed.

Made it back to the hotel in time to change and get ready for the big group dinner tonight, all 30 of us. Lots of new people to meet and get to know. And they’ve made me feel very welcome indeed. Fantastic bunch of people. Conference carries on to Birmingham on Monday.

We were collected by a canal boat to take us to our dinner venue at a Michelin star restaurant which was quite spectacular. If you’ve seen the narrow buildings along the canals, and wondered how narrow they are inside ... they’re super narrow!! Very squishy, which is where we were. Good ambience and very good food though. Glad to have had the opportunity to have been in one of those narrow buildings.

And also really enjoyed the canal tour as well, during light and nighttime. Splendid day indeed.

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