Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Surprise in the pot

I have this old pot that is rusted and dented but sometimes I will put some random flowers in it just because!   Today I was moving it from its place on the ground by the deck as I have a begonia that I am going to plant in it.

Imagine my surprise AND A LITTLE SCREECH when this little frog/toad hopped inside it.  I was quick enough to go inside to get the camera before it decided to jump out!    Apparently the frog was under a plant cooling it when I was watering the plants around the deck.    A silly frog for Silly Saturday!

We are having some scorching weather here.  Around 95F (35C) today with no clouds or breeze.  My cousin and I went to see a movie to get out of the house.   Tomorrow I think we are going to drive the 3 hours to the beach and spend the night..water fun!    She goes home on Tuesday to Cleveland where it is cooler and rainy!     

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