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By clickychick

Compare And Contrast

Compare and contrast was a typical exam question at school.

It was the first day of the Northern Photography and Video Show in Penrith. This is the only show of it's kind in the area and I would love it if other regions were doing something similar. If you are a pro and want to know a bit more please email me.

What the show does is bring together the camera clubs of the county with some 250 images displayed as on the right of my blip, and professional photographers and equipment retailers, as on the left.

The clubs show some outstanding work. Why wouldn't they? Their members can have the best equipment and an eye for a good shot. In contrast, the pros in addition to that, have invested money, not only in equipment, but also in building up their business and spending the hours at these shows doing the retail bit.

Of course the big contrast is that the clubs are displaying fascinating quirky work, showing their skill but the pros have to display work that someone else would want to buy and hang on their wall. 

So great to see it all.

As for myself, I had little time for photography today. The Mate and I were constantly talking and encouraging folk in their quest for great shots. We were joined by the A-level Photography student we are mentoring and she had the opportunity to observe us working and see the wide range of photography styles. I introduced her to our local club whose members were lovely to her.

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