By HarrythePotter

Cinnabar Moth.

Today was one of those working Saturday's and I've not been to this property so far this year, needless to say the grass was way out of control and after first strimming about 8 inches off I discovered this lovely moth had been rudely awakened by me. I moved out out of the way before using the lawn mower and took the liberty of taking another photo but didn't realise it wasn't focused too well.

After cutting the lawns 3 times,they are a better length now, I weeded amongst the peonies which are going to look fantastic in a week or so then finished for the day.

Read an email from my cousin and his wife and spent a while speaking to Mum about the contents then went to walk the boys with RF.

Murphy was limping so I carried him for part of the walk and prodded his paws when we got back but couldn't find the reason for his limp although apparently, he has been fussing around them during the day. Fingers crossed there is nothing other than sore skin.

We rushed to the supermarket to get emergency food because I had forgotten the recipe I was going to cook!!

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