Breaking Silence

Shelly and I attended the Kulshan Chorus’ concert this afternoon called “ Breaking Silence. Resilience. Persistence. Action.” The first half was a combination of music, dance and narration about domestic abuse. It was deep, strong, honest and very moving. The choir sang the best I’ve heard them. The three young dancers were masterful. And the narrator who was a woman with grey hair and a great British accent and who danced with the other three dancers, was fantastic. We were both very moved by the concert.

After the concert we went to my house and I made dinner. We spent a quiet evening together and then I took him home.

Tomorrow I will be painting at Big Rock Garden as part of the Mother’s Day party in the park. There will be painters, poets and musicians. And refreshments too It is a lovely way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Come on by after noon. The park is on Sylvan Street north of Alabama Street.

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