.... the 3 Amigos that is!
After a short break on their way back here from the trip to New Zealand, Trigger, Kelso, and Rowan arrived back here in Sydney (North Richmond) again for a short stay.

Could not believe the Kestrel came out and gave the boys a wave to welcome them back in extra.

You may recall the 3 Amigos World Tour started back on the 9th February after leaving home their Mum Kelso has been keeping a close watch on their behaviour.

After a short sleep to catch up from the flight over the ditch from New Zealand, they kept on about the gardens here in Aussie. And pestered me to let them check at the Grevilleas so they could maybe chase some lorikeets

Well no lorikeets, but they had a fun time (as dogs do) just sniffing around the yard.

We then arrange some supplies for them as we head North on Thursday to check out some of the New South Wales countryside.

Enjoy check in LARGE , and keep a watch on the boys progress at # 3AmigosWorldTour.

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