All good

Back to work today. A good day with once again beautiful weather after we had some thunderstorms last night. We didn’t have any problems because of the storms, but especially in Drenthe lots of rain fell in a very short time which led to flooded streets and buildings and the roof of a car showroom collapsing.

When I was at work, I received a phone call from the school Inge wants to go to next school year. There have been too many applications and the school had to disappoint quite a few children, including Inge. However, Inge was first on the waiting list so she had been hoping. And today’s phone call brought good news for Inge: she is in now! She has been walking around with a smile on her face ever since I told her. Too bad I didn’t see that because I was at work all the time, so today’s shot is yet another image taking during the bicycle ride to work.

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