The Fairy Clock

The fairy clock
It doesn't go tick tock tick tock
It doesn't have a dainty chime.
Just blow and it will tell the time

I actually stood in a random garden to take this - only just inside though! I like to see these, and the flowers themselves!

I was over at my folks', and there was lots for me to do today. I was on the go almost all the time I was there!

Once home I wrote my shopping list then got ready to take Minstrel for his healthy Cat check at the Vet's

Once again the short trip to the Vet's really stressed him out. And when we got there, we found that his appointment is actually tomorrow! Fortunately they could fit him in today - I didn't want to put him through all that again. He has a clean bill of health once again, but he needs to be fed a bit less, as his weight goes up every time we take him there.

Everything I need to do is now done so I'm going to put my PJ's on and chill out!

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