Pictorial blethers

By blethers

First and last things ...

It wasn't really sunny at 5.16 am today, but I was awake and padding about finding my proper camera to do this lovely early light justice. I've cropped out most of the houses across the road, so that the pale greys and peach colours have their place. On Sunday - or was it yesterday? - the sun rose at 5am over the hills just to the left of this photo, but the mists clearly obscured it this morning. I loved it. And the birds were already singing.

And, living dangerously again with the extra photos, tonight's sky at 9.40pm. We emerged from choir practice (Tallis and Palestrina) to this amazing pink sky, though as I just had my phone I couldn't quite replicate the delicate blue tinge to the pink.

I did sleep again, by the way ... and I didn't waken Mr PB. Result!

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