As my mood grabs me...

By AlisonM

Dandelion and Fly

So today is my day off and I had it all planned.   

1.  New blinds fitted this morning - done
2.  Charity shop collection this morning - not done - I rang them and I wasn't on their flipping list despite having filled out a form a couple of weeks ago
3.  Wait for delivery of a 'signed for' letter - a card was left on Monday morning so rather than trawl down to the sorting office I figured I'd get it delivered today - this morning.   No sign of the postie yet and I've not a clue what this letter is
4.  Pop into town and run some errands to save me having to rush around like a lunatic on my lunchbreak - remains to be seen if that will happen
5.  Visit the care home to drop off a big bag of needlepoint wool  - again remains to be seen if that will happen.

Meanwhile I'm just taking down the hems on some jeans which will then have to be turned up.  A job I hate but I won't be wearing them until they're the right length!

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