Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

About our Earth

worms, eggshells and the cora ball.

Working kind of at half speed, yesterday and today I cleaned the porch, ready for “dining”  and  weeded and got the last years kitchen compost out to mix with my little patch of garden.   I try not to throw the eggshells in as they never seem to go away but there they are…But look at all those lovely worms!  Not inheriting one iota of my mother’s gardening genes, I will try to at least grow some salad. H works harder…has done a lot of window work, repairing and washing.   But these bodies can only do so much --too tired for a row today...  I also did the first wash with the brand new CoraBall.  …to catch all those microfibers that come off the polyester materials in the laundry before they go into the ocean.   I do have some fleece but it’s all so old and has been washed so  much I wonder if I will see anything anytime soon.   (there is the dog hair on the towels, tho)  In Seattle I do have a guppy bag which is to do the same thing, collect the microfibers…Have used it a few times but hard to see any results from it either yet.   You can read about this plastic threat here with the patagonia Bag's "solution" and the coraball , made in Vermont HERE

Trying to do what we can to save our planet….  

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