Leaving Ilkley Moor

It was more of a struggle to get up this morning, not helped by a change in the weather to overcast skies and a very chilly north wind. Nevertheless. I caught the train and the cooler conditions made my walk from Leeds station to the university brisker than ever. 

The final two lectures went well, and then we had a rather bracing field trip to Ilkley Moor,  where the students continued to add to their plant id repertoire, learning more grasses, rushes and even a few mosses. They recorded a couple more quadrats and we had a final wrap-up session in the lee of a set of boulders. I was very touched to receive a spontaneous round of applause from them - most unexpected.

We then headed down to the Cow and Calf pub for a celebratory drink, as this is the last taught element of their course, and the last time that they'll all be together, apart for a plant id exam tomorrow. I have to admit I was quite sorry to say goodbye to them when the coach arrived back in Leeds - I just hope that they all manage to find rewarding jobs, though it's not at all easy to pursue a career in the conservation sector. 

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