Caught the Dawn Light

I woke a bit before my alarm this morning. I looked toward the door from our bedroom to the deck and saw bright pink edges on the vertical shades. I knew what that meant so I bounded out of bed, grabbed my glasses and a robe, and rushed into the kitchen where my camera was. Out on the deck I went where I took just nine photographs. Within fifteen minutes the pink light was almost completely gone. I'm so lucky I woke early this morning. Press "L" for the large version of this one,

I went to book club this morning and had a great time with my wonderful lady painter friends. We talked and laughed and shared all kinds of news and thoughts. For some reason we talked quite awhile about death. It was a moving and thoughtful conversation. One of us is going through the impending loss of her mother. We all got talking about our experiences of loss and how different people handle death. Then Pat said, let's move on and we did. We talked of the book. We reminisced times we had done things together and times when we were younger. It was a great visit.

Now I'm having a quiet afternoon as we are going to the opening of the "Granary Love In" show at Studio UFO in downtown Bellingham this evening. It takes place in the Bay Street Building on Bay and Holly in Bellingham from 6 to 9 pm. Any Bellinghamster blippers, please come on down for a visit. We plan to be there around six and to stay for an hour or two depending on my cold which is still hanging on. But each day I feel a bit better.

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