Boat Ramp at Sutton Lake

As you can see in the first extra, I was at the public boat ramp at Sutton Lake early this morning to watch the sun come up over the water.

In extra #2 you will see some nice sun reflection in the clouds and on the water.

The main photo is of grass carp being off loaded into the lake so that herbicides don't have to be used to any great extent.   That blue dot in the photo, when investigated, turned out to be a piece of discarded tinfoil that was reflecting light!

Extra #3 shows a lovely rainbow that I saw across the lake and this rainbow was before I got rained on as in extra #4!

Extra #5 is one of the many blue damsels that were hanging about.

I've come back home, feed the cats and got out of my wet clothes.  Now I'm going to have a nap.  

It's Friday once again, so Happy Weekend Everyone!

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